Zero Gravity Mattress for Many Purposes


Zero Gravity Mattress – The position of zero gravity is the position designed by NASA for astronauts during takeoff since it is the least pressure exerted on the spine and extremities. This position promotes blood circulation and relaxation, since no specific pressure is exerted anywhere in the body, so that it is very suitable for maintaining the function of the human body and the quality of sleep. The idea of the position of zero gravity, zero gravity or microgravity, originated as part of the space program, as well as many of the comforts and advances we enjoy today.

This futuristic zero gravity mattress of bed was recently presented at the Milan Furniture Fair, the main showcase for decorative trends worldwide. Its manufacturer is the Italian firm Starpool, specializing in spas and rest systems, in collaboration with the research company. Zero body consists of an upholstered frame and a thermal mattress filled with liquid at 36 ° which, they say, gets our body to trust, stop regulating its own temperature and focus on releasing endorphins, substances of well-being.

When you are lying on zero gravity mattress you have the feeling of floating in the air, as if suspended in a cloud, at zero gravity. With the help of sounds for meditation (through an own app, NuRelax), temperature control and LED lighting with various tones (cold or hot), Zero body creates a very pleasant surrounding atmosphere. And the important thing: it does not produce a feeling of dizziness. It offers the benefits of a diving tank, canceling the weight of the body and its gravitational response reflects, so the contraption is becoming fashionable in the world of sports, as were the hyperbaric and hypoxic cameras. The absence of gravity promotes meditation, which in turn relaxes the muscles, reduces the effects of jet lag, increases creativity and refines reflexes.


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