Zero Gravity Massage Chair for Stress Cure


A zero gravity massage chair also called zero-gravity anti-stress chair, is a type of relax chair that allows adopting the so-called zero gravity position ( “Zero Gravity” ), a position developed by NASA for astronauts at the moment of takeoff, since in this position less pressure is exerted on the spine and extremities, thus favoring blood circulation, relaxation, rest and quality of sleep. A relax chair is a kind of armchair designed so that the user can rest and relax with the greatest possible comfort, which is why they are more comfortable and larger than conventional armchairs.

Zero gravity massage chair are characterized by their ergonomic design and often incorporate various properties that promote relaxation and rest, such as padded seat, headrest, footrest, armrests, reclining backrest, padded upholstery or relaxation mechanism. Some models have advanced features, such as massager, heat function or person-lift function. Zero-gravity relax armchairs have all the advantages of conventional relax armchairs, but they also distinguish themselves by allowing them to adopt the Zero Gravity position or zero gravity position. In this way, since they operate under the ergonomic principles developed by NASA, zero-gravity relax chairs further enhance the quality of rest.

The zero gravity massage chair offer a unique rest experience, as they take advantage of the main benefit of the zero-gravity position, the effect on the spine, since sitting reclined with feet higher than the head, it relieves To a great extent the pressure on the spine. Also, with the legs elevated the heart does not have to work too hard to pump blood from the heart to the legs. Relax armchairs usually have a reclining backrest, which is a great advantage, as they allow you to sit comfortably to read a book or watch television, and without having to move you can change the position of the chair to sleep a little nap.


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