Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Ideas


Zero gravity lounge chair sounds comic first, almost a laughing action; however, it has been achieved. Not only has it been done before, two people have flown lawn chairs and lived to tell the story. If you want to give this a go, follow the guide below.


If you plan to zero gravity lounge chair, be sure to dress warm and prepare yourself. Depending on how high you plan to go, it becomes colder and colder and you will become more and more vulnerable to wind. Make sure you have a radio that can communicate with people on the ground if something goes wrong. Keep a parachute with you if you have to leave your chair in case of an emergency. Buy a lawn chair that can easily support at least 300 pounds. The chair must be comfortable, provided you will sit in it for a long time. Make sure you have tested the chair and are comfortable with it before removing, so adjusting the chair or your position may be dangerous in the air.

One by one, secure the different lengths of ropes to the zero gravity lounge chair. Ropes used to tie the balloons must be in varying lengths, starting at eight feet and up to 20 feet. The lengths must be different so there is enough room for all balloons. The balloons you bought should be weather balloons, and once filled with helium should weigh about five pounds. A great place to find these balloons would be a military delivery store. Make sure the ropes are nice and tight so that they do not release helium from the balloons unexpectedly.

Anchor the chair so that it will not flow away with any amount of balloons you possess. A good anchor would be a vehicle of any kind. Secure it to your car or truck, attach it to the underside of the car, before securing all 100 to 200 balloons to the chair, which means that each rope is attached tightly to the chair and will not unbound. Distribute all water cans evenly over the bottom of the chair by attaching them with ropes. These 20 water boilers must be secured before launch! They will act as ballasts (or weights) to keep the chair from floating too high. Take place and release anchor for starting.


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