Zero Gravity Chaise Lounge Chairs


Zero gravity chaise lounge massage chair has now landed. Actually, the zero gravity that exists in different lines of furniture is different. They range from chaise lounge patio furniture to massage chairs. Zero gravity refers to the position you take when launched in a rocket. This does not mean that your massage chair will take you to the moon, but it will help you feel the level of helplessness. Initially, NASA developed a zero-gravity position as a way to reduce the pressure on astronauts during takeoff. The astronauts must repeatedly draw a normal gravitational force.

The power that is thrown into the body at take-off can be overwhelming. Through different trials, it was found that if astronauts lie on their backs with raised knees; these are at least under pressure on their bodies upon takeoff. The massage chairs definitely help ease the tension and stress. However, they will not launch you to the moon. The position zero gravity chaise lounge of the massage chair is designed to distribute the load from your spine better. So the zero gravity massage chair has a number of positions called zero gravity. The idea behind the zero gravity position is to spread the weight to the surface of your back instead of concentrating on the spine.

Many massage chair companies have now developed various massage chairs with no different gravity. This additional feature helps put you in a more relaxed position. It is estimated that by better distributing your weight on your back, massage will be more effective. Sanyo developed its model DR 7700 massage chair with two different positions zero gravity chaise lounge. Each of these zero gravity positions helps reduce the pressure on the spine. Each position is controlled by its own button on the remote control. The position of zero gravity seems to be better to spread the weight. When I try it, I do not feel light, but it feels more comfortable. Each zero gravity position will help to lighten the weight of the spine.



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