Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy to Excellent Rest


Zero gravity chair with canopy is called a chair that allows the so-called position of zero gravity ( “Zero Gravity” ), the position that NASA developed so that astronauts during the takeoff were exposed to the lowest possible pressure in the column and tips. Zero gravity chairs are usually multi-position chairs and can also be used as a conventional chair or as a rocking chair. Zero-gravity chairs are a class of chairs that allow the user to position themselves in what is known as zero gravity ( “Zero Gravity” ), developed by NASA for astronauts during takeoff. The zero-gravity position was selected by NASA for the astronauts during take-off, because it is the position that exerts less pressure on the spine and extremities, since no point in the body supports a specific pressure.

Thus, this position promotes blood circulation and relaxation, and is the most convenient to maintain the functions of the human body and ensure the quality of rest and sleep. The zero gravity chair with canopy allow an excellent rest, since adopting a reclined position with the feet higher than the head, brings less pressure on the spine and a lower demand on the heart in terms of pumping blood from the heart towards the legs. In the position of zero gravity, in which the feet are placed above the spine, the effect of gravity is dispersed evenly throughout the body, which reduces pressure points.

For this reason, zero-gravity chairs offer a deeper and more relaxing comfort than any other chair. In the zero gravity chair with canopy position the backrest of the chair is slightly tilted, which stimulates an open angle between the torso and the thigh, aligning and stabilizing the spine, facing the uncomfortable 90-degree angle that form the hip and spine in a conventional chair. In addition, the heart does not have to work hard to pump blood throughout the body, since the circulation flows with gravity instead of going against it.


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