What is Padded Zero Gravity Chair?


Relief of joint and lower back pain, improvement of heart health, relief of gastro esophageal reflux, improvement in breathing and relief of inflammation. We can offer you all these benefits with best padded zero gravity chairs. To alleviate strong pressure to which column and extremities of astronauts are submitted during takeoff. After much research and refinement, this position was developed to help distribute pressure evenly in body, allowing you to enjoy maximum relaxation. idea is so effective that it is used in multiple types of wellness therapies for its known benefits. Improves health of heart: by allowing a better circulation of blood it releases heart pressure. Other poor positions in alignment can add more pressure

Reduces pressure on lower back padded zero gravity chair: by reducing pressure in lower back allows optimal blood circulation to brain, which helps reduce pain. Relieves gastro esophageal reflux: with its slight tilt of torso up, helps reduce, and even prevent, acidity of stomach back to esophagus. Reduces swelling: This is especially beneficial for those with diabetes, high blood pressure or overweight. Keeping feet and legs slightly elevated reduces swelling and fluid retention in lower part of body, while allowing correct circulation of blood.

Helps improve breathing: lying flat on your back can cause breathing problems, especially for those who suffer from apnea or asthma. By raising torso and aligning neck this position allows air to flow correctly through respiratory tract. Padded zero gravity chair improve revenue and relieve stress on your heart so you can sink into a deeper relaxation. Deep relaxation relieves mental and physical stress improvement in overall health. Effect of an anti-gravity chair depends on individual adjustments. It is important for each user to carefully adjust chair to their specific requirements to get best position for their body to reap benefits of chair.


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