Useful Towel Clips for Beach Chairs


Towel clips for beach chairs – Umbrella, towel and flip flops. Sunglasses, shovels and protective cream . And to the beach. Decades after the assault on the beaches in the sixties, the average Spaniard did not change much the way he spent his summer or the equipment he rode for it. Occasionally we incorporate a cooler, or a hat, the most risky. And stop counting. But there are some crazy inventors who have decided to give a return to the classic vision of the beach kit: why do we always have to carry towels that are uncomfortable or weigh a lot? Is it always necessary to play the shovels, and above with an eye on the umbrella in case some friend of someone else wants to take our smart phone? Half a century after taking the beaches of the world, it’s time to change.

On the beach it is impossible to hold the towel well. If it does not fly, it moves as soon as you sit down or lie down on it, and then you have it full of sand and stones. Towel clips for beach chairs pegs are made of plastic and help the towel to be easily keyed. They have everything in mind: they are made of fiber and in principle they can be transported as carry-on luggage in any airline. And they can be replaced if they are lost. Perhaps its biggest difficulty lies in the price: the models range from 45 to 75 Euros.

We know that it is not cheap for a towel clips for beach chairs, but it is a thoughtful decision. This cotton is manufactured specifically for us: it is the finest what can we do to keep sand from happening? Everything is made in France, in Europe, and has an ecological certificate. To the beach it seems that you have to take a thousand things. What if umbrellas, towel, cream, lounger … At least, that something help us with a two in one, right?


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