Small Fold up Chair Ideas


Small fold up chair are very comfortable to have around the house, in your RV, or even in the rear door of the car. There are a lot of different materials that folding chairs can be made of, even wood, aluminum, even plastic. As comfortable as these folding chairs, they are not the most attractive furniture. Find out how to make your own wooden folding chair, and one that is more attractive than most folding chairs.


Use your hand saw to cut into the board in two parts. A longer piece that is 51 inches tall and a shorter bit that is 40 inches tall Trim 2 inches from each side of the longer board beginning 15 inches from one end and stretching to the other end. The result should be a board that is 15 by 11 inches and then 7 by 36 inches. The work will make the chair and the back leg, or support for the small fold up chair. Rita diluted the end of the longer board in the middle of the shorter board 15 1/2 inches from one end. Find the center of the board that will be tracked and the center of the board can be tracked and clear these two points before tracking.

Drill a hole in the area you’re tracking just so your jigsaw can fit in this area to cut it out. Cut out the tray as you are just traced with your jigsaw saw and make sure to cut away enough so you can slide thinned the end of the longer board by angle. Slide the two cards together and try out your small fold up chair. Redefine the angle of the seat plank. Since boards do not cut at right angles, you must trim the rear of the seat where it rests against other board members so that the two cards can rest close together. To achieve this, draw a line from the top corner of the side edge of the seat downwards. The line should run parallel to the back of the chair. Trim this small wedge of wood from each side of the back of the chair seat so that the seat can now rest flush back on the back of the chair.


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