Simple Wooden Adirondack Lounge Chairs


Adirondack lounge chairs – The Adirondack chair is the living legend of outdoor furniture … If you think of the typical house facing the lake, in a cottage with a large porch from which to admire the landscape, in a sunset seen from a jetty, you will surely see in them an Adirondack chair, even if you do not even know his name. But what’s so special about the Adirondack chair? Surely its functional and simple beauty, devoid of artifices or pretentious elements. Simple wooden planks form its slightly reclined backrest, and also its deep, sloping and comfortable seat, as well as long and proportioned arms designed for relaxation. The legs are short and close to the ground even if you look at the horizon.

In short, it is something special between the designer chairs, with a position especially indicated to enjoy the landscape. That’s why I do not want to put photos of adirondack lounge chairs around a low garden table, since I am convinced that this is not the function for which its design was conceived. The name of Adirondack comes, apparently, from a mountain in the state of New York, near which there was an anti-tuberculosis sanatorium. It is said that patients rested there in this type of seats to take the therapeutic air of the mountain.

The fact is that the invention is of a wealthy man, Thomas Lee, on vacation in Westport back in 1903 … Its construction is designed so that even sitting on sloping ground, the horizon is being seen. Although it was not Lee but a known carpenter who patented the design of the Adirondack lounge chairs, it is not known whether behind the creator’s back or with his express consent … But this is already part of the legend of the Adirondack chair. Check our gallery to inspire you


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