Repair Wicker Outdoor Patio Rocking Chairs


Outdoor patio rocking chairs – Wicker is a durable and attractive material, and therefore it is often used to make furniture such as rocking chairs and patio pieces. But over time rotting can begin to weaken, and if these problems are not addressed quickly the water can become brittle and break. If you have an old basket rocking chair that has seen better days, you can throw out and buy a new one. But repairing the damage can save the chair and save a lot of money, as well.

Fill a saucepan with linseed oil and heat until it boils. Allow linseed oil to cool to room temperature and apply it to the damaged wire with a brush. The boiled linseed oil helps to strengthen and moisturize rotting. Pay particular attention to possible cracks or visible damage and give them extra linseed oil. Allow oil to penetrate the surface completely for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Wipe away any remaining oil that is left on the basket with a soft cloth. Find all areas of outdoor patio rocking chairs where the water is no longer in its right place. Cover these areas with damp rags to make rattan smooth and easier to work with.

Bend the water back in its correct positions to restore the original pattern of the outdoor patio rocking chairs. Keep damp cloths on the floor as you work to keep the water soft and gentle. Repair any holes in basket backing by purchasing a replacement wig of the same color as the original and soaking in water until it is easily bendable. Apply damp rags to the broken reeds and gently remove them from the ground. Cut replacement water 2 to 3 inches longer than the length you replace. Carefully weave them instead of retaining the original pattern.


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