Relaxing Zero Gravity Chair Recliner


Position of zero gravity chair recliner , also called “Zero Gravity” , is position designed by NASA for astronauts during takeoff, since it is least pressure exerted on spine and extremities. This position promotes blood circulation and relaxation, since no specific pressure is exerted anywhere in body, so that it is very suitable for maintaining function of human body and quality of sleep. Idea of ​​position of zero gravity, zero gravity or microgravity, originated as part of space program, as well as many of comforts and advances we enjoy today. Position of zero gravity is rooted in research for comfort and safety of astronauts, and is part of NASA’s program for development of biomechanical systems that favor maintenance of human body functions, productivity and ergonomics, as well as quality of rest and sleep.

One of applications of position of zero gravity are zero gravity chair recliner and armchairs called zero gravity, which are so named because they operate under ergonomic principles developed by NASA and in which designers of zero-gravity recliners take advantage of all benefits of this technology. When seated in traditional vertical position, acceleration forces are concentrated in spine creating enormous pressure. Therefore, aerospace scientists looked for ways to prevent astronauts from suffering from tremendous acceleration forces they are subjected to during launch of rockets and ferries.

zero gravity chair recliner position minimizes effects of these large acceleration and gravitational forces. This position does not simply consist of reclining or lying down in a horizontal position, but it is about sitting in a totally reclined position with feet higher than head, in such a way that different parts of body adopt very specific angles: neck- torso 24 °, torso-legs 128 ° and femur-tibia 133 °, approximately. Thus, a position of zero gravity or Zero Gravity can be described quite accurately as a kind of Z. See you soon!


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