Practical and Elegant Fold out Chair Bed


Fold out chair bed are cheap, moderately resistant and, as name suggests, fold to occupy less space. problem is that, even folded, they are not easy to store. Foliature Tilt is not only completely flat when folded, but is designed to be hung in a wardrobe as if it were a very starched shirt. Once folded, this chair occupies only 16 millimeters of uniform thickness. They appear and disappear with just pulling a chain and on top are comfortable, practical and elegant. Perfect when space is reduced and any square centimeter is worth gold, they open and turn into a beautiful piece of furniture whose seat is a flexible surface composed of wooden slats adhered to a textile canvas.

Using a drum as a seating surface is an innovation that allows Ollie to boast of a unique movement and great ability to change shape, adapting to lumbar of any person, regardless of weight and height. And when fold out chair bed it appears as a piece of wood of modern art perfect for hanging even in living room. An experience and also an object, with a beautiful design in which aluminum and teak are combined, among other materials, to transform this seat into a clear object of desire. It is also proof against in clemencies of weather and it is same for interior as for exterior and can be adapted in any corner of office, house or garden.

To find out how this original idea came about, we return to words of Banks, a brilliant woman who studied electrical engineering and who, as she always stresses, “seeks with this and other objects in her collection to generate more interaction between human touch and its surroundings. ” Like Ollie Chair. “This fold out chair bed was a direct response to our retractable Ollie Table that comes out later.” A visitor innocently asked us what was happening with chairs when table went up to wall to stay folded in. Then he gave me idea and I answered “We’ll be back soon.”And chairs occurred to me.”


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