Plastic Folding Chairs Cover


Plastic folding chairs – For large gatherings, folding chairs are often used as a cheap way to seat many people. However, some occasions, such as weddings or other banquets, require a more formal look. Creating covers for folding chairs is an easy way to help dress them quickly for a special occasion. Even chair covers can be hired, making them themselves can save money and allow for adjustment


For a complete chair lid, about 2 1/2 meter fabric is needed for standard plastic folding chairs. For non-standard chairs, measure the height and width of the back of the chair first and add about 3 inches for the seam allowance. Repeat for the seat, sides and front. For a back-seat seat cover, measure the height and width of the chair, add 3 inches to the total seam allowance. Also measure from the top to the chair seat and add this length to the full measurement. Muslin is usually the cheapest fabric, but many other types will work just as well. Consider using satin for added elegance. To make back-bare seat covers, buy wide straps for mounting on the chair.

Pattern and sewing

After the measurements have been taken use old newspapers to create a pattern. Describe the measurements, cut and pin on the fabric. With textile scissors, cut the fabric from the pattern. A plastic folding chairs cover consists of one piece, so no further sewing, other than hemming, is required. Make a score on each side near the tape location to be threaded through. A total of four slits should be made: two in the back and two in the front. Machine Inhibition of the slits is recommended to prevent abrasion.

Full chair covers require puzzles to slip on rather than tie. First stitch the seat back, front, seat and front together. This will be a long piece of fabric. Then sew the two sides that the seat plays, leaving room of chair legs open for easy slip -on. Loosen any folds and hem for a professional finish. Once a basic protection has been completed, print it with wide satin ribbon. A back-only chair covers bands together with two side’s bands that loop the slots near the sides of the lid. A complete look complete with a large band wrapped around the chair and ended on an arc.


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