Optional Zero Gravity Chair Cup Holder


Zero Gravity Chair Cup Holder – This sounds like something already trite of “satisfaction guaranteed 100%” or “new and improved” but after having sat down in it, I can honestly tell you that it has something. The perfect chair is a category we call Zero Gravity Chairs. It received that name because they operate under the ergonomic principles developed by NASA. Aerospace scientists looked for ways to prevent their astronauts from suffering from gravity during the launch of the ferries. When seated in the traditional vertical position, the forces of gravity are concentrated in the spine creating enormous pressure.

To counteract this, the scientists developed the “zero gravity” shape position, in which the feet are placing above the spine, allowing zero gravity to spread evenly throughout the body shape. This reduces pressure points and that’s why zero-gravity chairs offer more deep and relaxing comfort than any other. When you sit down in one, you feel the difference. The feeling of sitting in a regular chair, with the hip and spine at an uncomfortable 90-degree angle, is totally absent. In contrast, in the zero gravity chair cup holder position, your heart does not have to work hard to pump blood throughout the body. Your circulation flows with gravity instead of going against it. You will also notice that the backrest of the chair is tilted slightly, which stimulates an open torso-thigh angle.

Seating the pelvis, as well as aligning and stabilizing the spine, which is important to establish a “neutral posture,” which is the body’s most natural position. The perfect zero gravity chair cup holder achieves this effortlessly, ensuring maximum comfort and pain relief. The benefit of the “neutral stance” is that it creates a relaxed and fantasy feeling that induces sleep in a matter of minutes. The least pressure on your back, shoulders, neck, and spine means that your muscles do not have to work hard holding your body. Once again, this “neutral posture” position makes it easier for your body to relax, reduces tension and reduces fatigue.


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