Listening to Music Relaxed with Zero Gravity Chairs


Zero gravity chairs – Inspired by NASA, experts have successfully applied and developed a range of non-gravity massage chairs, offering new ways of supporting back and spine physiotherapy. Nasa has been successfully applying and developing a non-gravity massage chair for years to reduce stress on the astronaut’s spine during operation. After this invention, the massage chair manufacturers have applied this technology in the successful manufacture of massage chairs without gravity to provide a new massage method is more complete for those who encounter problems spine and belly.

Experts have suggested that the balance on the seat of the chair can reduce the pressure on the spine and spread the pressure evenly across the entire body. Thanks to this mechanism of action, when you lay back comfortably back, the legs will be raised to an angle of 130 degrees higher than the chest a little. With the benefits of massage chairs to bring customers, you will probably not be safe and confident about this miracle product. The lower pressure on the back, shoulders, neck and spine means that the muscles do not have to work hard holding the body. Therefore, zero gravity chairs create a relaxed feeling that makes the body relax reduces tension and reduces fatigue.

this gravity chairs are usually multiposition chairs, which besides being able to adopt the position of zero gravity can be used as a conventional chair or as a rocking chair, in such a way that it allows to use the same furniture element with different functionalities. These gravity chairs respond to a design philosophy that seeks functionality and ergonomics. In this way, the design of zero gravity chairs commonly allows several different positions, depending on what the user’s activity will be, from a napping nap to watching TV, listening to music relaxed while you swing or read a good book .


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