Inflatable Lawn Chair Ideas


Inflatable lawn chair – Having an inflatable couch in a room or child’s bedroom can be very convenient, but a single leak or hole can make furniture unusable. If your inflatable sofa feels a leak, you must find the problem as quickly as possible and repair it. Finding a small leak or hole in an inflatable sofa can be difficult unless you learn a simple technique to make it easier.


Mix a solution of shower gel or detergent and water. Make sure the solution is thick and that there are plenty of bubbles. Pump up on the couch to blow it completely, using the couch. The air pressure makes it easier to detect a leak. Dip a sponge into the soap mixture and start drying the solution on the inflatable lawn chair. Work slowly – it will make it easier to detect small leaks. The laundry solution will bubble and foam in places where air leaks out. Rinse soapy water from the sofa. Allow the material to dry. Empty the sofa.

Apply patch-kit glue to the patch that came with the inflatable lawn chair when you find the leak. Place the patch over the puncture, glue the side down. Push the patch into place to form a proper seal, using your fingers. Place a heavy flat object, for example a 5-pound weight plate from a weight-lifting bar on the patch. Remove the weight and blow the sofa for 6 hours or more after application of the patch. Keep an eye out for further loss of air.

Tips and warnings

A chair can drain or appear to lose air for reasons other than a leak, such as temperature changes from hot to cold or stretched new material. Soap water can discolor a flocked couch. Instead of using soapy water to find a leak, listen or feel for an air rush or draft coming from an air-filled or inflated sofa. Scrub gently away flocked with a steel brush or nylon brush, such as a bowl or nail brush, to the finished surface for a patch.


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