How to Take Care of an Original Eames Lounge Chair


Eames lounge chair – The original Eames leather armchair is a piece of American design history. Herman-Miller has produced this exclusive chair since 1956, when the manufacturer began its flourishing collaboration with designers Charles and Ray Eames. The design has not changed since then, but some material from that time is no longer available. Leather care on Eames lounge chair. Damp the leather seat, arms and back of your Eames armchair with a soft dry cloth. Vacuum the chair with a soft cloth brush if you cannot remove all dust and use a nozzle to dust the space between the seat and the back and the space between the leather cushions and the wood of the chair arms.

Mix mild liquid soap, such as Castilian soap or organic detergent, with about 1 pint of lukewarm water in a mixing vessel as instructed on the soap package. Moisten a soft, clean and dry cloth with the solution and wipe the leather surfaces with your Eames lounge chair. Work out a solder when you dry the leather surfaces. Wipe the leather surfaces with a clean, dry cloth. Allow the leather to dry before putting back on your chair. Repeat steps 1 to 3 when dust or dirt accumulates or if you notice embedded spots on the leather surface of your chair.  Wipe up stains and spillage that may occur as soon as possible with a clean, slightly damp cloth or sponge and repeat steps 2 and 3 if necessary. Wipe oil and grease stains with a clean dry cloth and let the oil be absorbed by the leather.

Wash the coated metal legs on your Eames armchair with a cloth soaked in a mild detergent and water. Moisten a second clean cloth with clean water and rinse the metal surfaces with it. Wipe the legs with a soft, clean and dry cloth. Apply pre-made soft paste wax, available from vehicle delivery stores, to the legs to remove any scratches you notice. Follow the instructions on the wax package. Use only natural wax and avoid silicone or other artificial products. Get a remedy from your Herman Miller dealer or service representative if you need to cover any scratches on your seat legs. Use it as per the instructions on the package and state your exact model and finish the Eames lounge chair when you buy it.


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