How to Clean Zero Gravity Lounger


Zero gravity lounger is elegant, yet functional, furniture. Mock is a little different than usual leather, because it is not as durable and is harder to maintain. Although this material has to be handled with caution when cleaning, it is easy to maintain the quality of your suede products. The fake lounge will occasionally have to be cleaned to keep the fabric fresh and remove dust and debris. It’s easy to clean a mocking lounge with a few household tools


Vacuum suction zero gravity lounger with your vacuum cleaner attachment. Does not use brush attachments, as they can stick suction fabrics. Remove the Lounge pillows, and vacuum carefully to collect food and other particles that often go unnoticed. Fill a steam cleaner with water, put on the device, and allow the water to warm up. Keep the steam cleaner 6 inches away from the lounge and allow steam to penetrate the surface of the suede fabric. Do not keep the steam cleaner closer, as this may allow too much moisture to get stuck inside the lounge, pillows, which can lead to mold.

Brush the zero gravity loungers with a mock brush, to see brush in an upward movement that will best clean the lounge. Continue until the entire lounge has steam cleaned and brushed. Apply twice a year to the lounge a commercial suede Protectant in either spray or cream form. This will help the lounge to resist games and stains that can damage its fake surface. Read the label for application instructions on which protective device you choose to use. A spray Protectant is usually sprayed directly onto the fabric.

When using a Cream Protectant, use a cloth to rub cream on the mock surface. Many people enjoy relaxing outside, and lounge chairs are designed to do just that. However, the cushions can be worn out in just a few seasons. Instead of replacing the entire chair, especially if the frame is in good shape-make a replacement pillow. This project requires sewing, but only straight seams, so it’s easy for those with just a little sewing experience


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