How to Change Fabric in Sling Back Patio Chairs


Sling back patio chairs is a versatile piece of furniture that is easily transportable and can be used practically anywhere. No matter where your chair rests from the return sling, there may come a time when the fabric wears or dates or no longer fits your decoration. You can easily update the appearance of the chair and add years to its lifespan by replacing the fabric itself. This is a simple project that requires a minimum of sewing skills and takes very little time. Light the sling-turn chair around so that the back of the fabric is towards you. The fabric has been rolled over the bars at the top and bottom of the chair and then stitched itself.

Use a seam puller to choose the seams of the fabric around the top and bottom bars. Remove the fabric from the sling back patio chairs. Place the cloth on the butcher paper and trace the outline with the pencil. Remove the fabric and use a ruler to make another 1-inch line outside the outline to allow for seam allowance. Cut out the butcher paper pattern in this second line. Place the butcher paper pattern on the cloth and the pin in place. Cut the pattern piece from the fabric. Remove the piece and pins pattern. Place the right side of the fabric down. Fold down each side of ½ inch and iron. Fold down a 1/2-inch and iron. Pin the crease in place. Thread the sewing machine and sew around all sides with a straight stitch and a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Remove the pins.

Place the fabric on the sling back patio chairs. Curl the short top edge over the top bar of the chair and bring it to the back 2 inches beyond the rod. Pin instead. Loop the other end of the fabric over the bottom bar. Carry the fabric up to 2 inches beyond the rod and the pin in place. Adjust the fabric until the chair is adjusted as desired. Cut a long piece of high-strength upholstery yarn and insert it through the sewing needle by sewing it by hand. Pull the thread until the ends meet and tie a double knot at the ends of the threads.


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