Elegance and Innovative Terry Cloth Lounge Chair Covers


The terry cloth lounge chair covers, besides being an icon of the decoration of the last century that has survived to this day, is a piece of furniture that will allow us to create different types of environments thanks to its versatility, range and ease of combination with different types of furniture and materials. Not all of us want complex and recharged spaces in our homes. Some of us like to create subtle and elegant spaces that transmit harmony and warmth in equal parts. If you think that this is not possible, you are wrong. Look at these environments that we propose and observe how combining your lounge chairs with other furniture you can get simple atmospheres but, at the same time, transmit elegance and innovative design.

This environment is composed of a solid wood table combined with the terry cloth lounge chair covers in white and birch legs. By combining a rustic table with the lounge chairs, we achieve an effect that combines robustness and minimalism. The contrast between the dark wood of the table and the pure white color of the chairs increases the luminosity of the environment. To complete the set the designers have included a couple of subtle details on the wall that enhance the combination.

The goal was to take advantage of a narrow area generated by the design of the house to create a cozy dining environment. The challenge was to create a functional but light and bright area according to the rest of the house. The architects decided to use the terry cloth lounge chair covers model topped with metal legs that contrast better with the light wood of the table and the bench. To add a distinctive touch, they used the lounge chair with different pale colors that bring distinction without diminishing the requirements of lightness and luminosity established for the project.


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