Dog Hammock for Car Ideas


Dog hammock for car – Transport of dogs in cars has always been problematic. Until modern car accessories have appeared so that they can not cause any inconvenience associated with the transport of a pet. Autofods, seat belts and hammocks in a dog car are not only a guarantee of animal welfare, but also the convenience of the owner. The main difference between these hammocks is their design. There are two main types of dog hammock for car: those attached to the car seats and those with four walls protect the animal and from the sides. The second option is preferable for active dogs that are non-travel during travel: they run around the lounge, knock the door handles or distract the driver and try to get into the front seat. In a closed box on all sides, the animal will feel more comfortable and calmer. The first option, double sided hammock, is better to use in combination with a seat belt or a special harness.

By the way, these accessories are not intended to protect the dog himself from damage in case of sudden braking or accident, but also the car’s attire. On plastic parts, the car clutches can remain in the car’s interior, and the clothing on the chairs after transporting the dog, especially long hair, needs a dry cleaning. If you use a dog hammock for car, you can just wash it after a trip. These accessories, as well as automatic litter, are made of durable, waterproof and lightweight cleaning cloth – nylon.

Dog hammock for car cannot be placed inside the cabin, but also in the luggage. It is thought that a car hammock in the luggage compartment is designed to transport dogs of large races, whose stay in the car’s cabin is not very convenient. Similar accessories are equipped with Velcro to attach a carpet on which the pet can jump into the luggage without scratching the bumper. Choosing a hammock for dogs in the car, do not forget to take into account the car’s dimensions so that your dog can travel with comfort.


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