Designer Cat Hammock with Stand


Each animal needs its own territory, where he would feel comfortable and safe. Cat hammock with stand is no exception, and there is often room for the nuisance of the owners. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance for a domestic cat, which would be her favorite vacation spot. What models of houses there, what guided the choice of alternatives and simple independent production discussed in detail. Choose a suitable house for a cat to help many photo illustrations.

Designer cat hammock with stand house has a wide range of models. Some samples only show their intended purpose. The diversity is observed in shapes and sizes of products and materials from which they are made. First consider the options that are houses, usually found in cat owners:

Lovers imposingly the rest will be good for sofas. They can have a classic geometric shape (rectangular, circular or square) or have the contours of a heart. Minimalism interior harmonically complete miniature stands with pressure-reducing mattress.

A located cat can be in a hammock. Additions to them are made of Velcro straps, loops or hooks. Place fixation arbitrarily, the most popular options – between the legs on the chairs. Spacious private apartments make it possible to fix hammock under the roof as shown in the following image:

Interesting owners and cats are a kind of shed that has similarities to the doghouse. Reason for solving it of wood, but always done with a soft cloth, often in the role of advocate clothing plush. Such a cat is easy to carry with their own hands. Ready stalls are often equipped with scratch posts, which are fixed with a number on a single platform.

The Less practical alternative is a cardboard cat hammock with stand. He quickly loses an appealing appearance, but its low costs make it possible to often update your pet a place to rest. The size and shape of these structures depend solely on the creativity of the owner of the animal. This may be a tipi, an original cabin or a luxurious mansion. The easiest solution is shown in the picture below:


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