Cat Tower with Hammock Style


A cat tower with hammock can provide hours of rest and breeding time for your kittens. You can make a cat tower for much less and in just one afternoon. With its built cat tower you can place it anywhere in your house your cat will enjoy. When placed in a window, you may even have trouble getting your cat out of your tower.  Support each of the 4 by 4 inch posts at the end. Fix the 2-by-3-foot piece of wood on the posts and posts are adjusted so that each is flush and directly below a corner. Nail two nails through the plywood and in each post.

Ideas for make cat tower with hammock, keep your two pieces of square 18-inch vertical wood parallel to one with the other foot apart. Place the H-shaped unit from step two on the bracket of step one. Align one end of your fleece against the top edge of one board of the “H” with the rest of the fleece on the horizontal part of the “H”. From the staple through the wool and plywood along the edge every 2 inches. Place the opposite edge of the fleece against the other top edge of the “H” and staple every 2 inches as well as to form a hammock.

Apply as much desired carpet on the surface of the plywood by punching the carpet to the plywood always 6 to 8 inches. Wrap the yarn around the support posts to create areas of scratching and staple the twine in place. Place a long piece of 10-inch string to a toy ball or jingle cat and staple the string on the bottom of the stand to provide a toy under the main platform. Tips and warnings to make cat tower with hammock, for a taller tower, to make a second “H” and attach to the top of the current “H”. Make a second wool hammock for this “H”, if desired. Spread the carpeted areas of the tower to attract your cat to investigate catnip. Check the entire surface of the cat tower to make sure that there any exposed nails or staples.


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