Big Man Lawn Chair: Ideal to Sit in the Garden!


Big man lawn chair – These garden chairs are based on a chair design that my father made for the garden chairs of the Amogla camp (summer camp for tourists). My father’s design had slightly straighter shapes and needed less work to be manufactured. But when I made a couple of garden chairs for me, I decided to add some curves to the design. So I added a slight curve in the seat and backrest. The disadvantage of an Adirondack chair is that the seat supports are also the back legs. Necessarily, this always leads to the seat being considerably reclined. That way in an Adirondack chair one can only recline.

That’s fine to sit on the porch and look out over the lake, but it’s not that ideal to sit by the fire, eat or chat with people. Unlike the typical Adirondak chair, the crossbar that holds the seat is not part of the legs in this big man lawn chair. Instead, the frame of the chair consists of two structures, one on each side, as shown on the left. These are joined with nails and glue and give the chair great strength and stability. They are quite safe, even for a very heavy person to sit on the chair or on the armrest without risk of breakage or for the chair to tilt.

To adjust the shape to assemble the structures correctly, it is better to draw the shape on a piece of plywood. If you make several of these big man lawn chair at the same time, it may be worth doing some blocks (they look white) and bolting them to work as a guide to assemble the parts. When I was still in high school I built remittances from chairs similar to these to sell. Having a template to put all the parts in place before nailing them really speeds things up.


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