Best Children’s Hammock


Children’s hammock – A soft hammock works both for organizing and decorating a room by collecting a child’s goose animal in one place. You can make your own home even if you do not know how to sew. The ideal to the hammock is made of a material that allows air to circulate, prevent mold, but also keeps toys falling out. It also uses strong hooks to keep safe in the wall. Set all goosed animals that will enter the hammock into a single file. Measure the length and width of the line toy shape. Cut a piece of mesh fabric twice as wide, and the length of the line plus 20 inches.

Add mesh fabric plate, and then collect one end of it neatly in your hand. Tie at the end of a piece of nylon rope, 1 foot long and 1/2 inch wide, in a tight double knot around the fabric was assembled 1 inch from the end. A loop in the line, 1 inch long, near the end of the fabric and tie the rope in a knot at the base of the loop to secure it. Cut off the remaining rope. With the other end of mesh fabric. These are the loops that hang the hammock. Select a corner in the room where you want to hang the children’s hammock. Add a tape measure to the ground to measure a distance between two walls corresponding to the length of the hammock. Use a pen to make small dots on each wall where it meets the tape measure. Measure the distance from the corner at each end of the tape measure; adjust dots until each is the same distance from the corner.

Determine how high you want the hammock to hang. Measure this distance upwards from each point near the floor and draw a dot. The pointed end of a metal wall hook at each point and twist it clockwise until threading is completely in the wall. Hang the children’s hammock on the wall hooks of loops on both ends and place stuffed animals inside. Delete pencil marks from the wall. Hang the hammock out of a child’s reach if you do not want him to pull toys down from it. For practical use, keep in eye height for the child.


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