Beneficial of Zero Gravity Beach Chair


Using the same antigravity technology initially developed by NASA for astronauts, the zero gravity beach chair mimics the position of a recumbent astronaut during takeoff. Distribute the weight evenly throughout the chair’s territory, the position allows the astronaut to better withstand the strong increase in gravity, leaving the gravitational attraction of the Earth while putting less stress on their bodies. By assuming this position, the astronaut can distribute the takeoff stress throughout his entire body in a safely reclined manner.

The zero gravity Top photo position has now been integrated into daily life in the form of a series of affordable patio furniture products, as well as a number of interior zero gravity chairs, allowing for healthy and rested relaxation whenever necessary . The position raises the legs above or at the same level of the heart, while the ergonomic design of the chair distributes the weight evenly throughout the chair. The zero gravity beach chair benefits also include helping to reduce joint pressure by suspending the user in the air by making everyone in the chair feel virtually weightless while reducing compression on the body, especially the spine.

Most noticeable benefit is effect on spine, since sitting in a fully reclined position with feet higher than head can greatly relieve pressure on spine, since in that position compression forces in spine they are reduced to maximum. Another very positive effect is that while in standing position heart must work hard to pump blood to legs, with feet raised above heart this does not have to work so hard, since it does not need to overcome strength of gravity to circulate blood. Other beneficial effects of position of zero gravity beach chair are its ability to relieve muscle tension, increase lung capacity, reduce pressure on heart and even increase oxygen levels in blood.


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