My OrangeTag Coffee Brew Experience

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My OrangeTag Coffee Brew Experience

It has been a long time since I get to write reviews about food and shops. So being invited to my friend’s one year anniversary coffee shop sparked my interest back again to write about food and drinks.

I must say I love coffee. Coffee is just my drugs. I can’t go on without coffee and at a very young age of 7 I am drinking coffee, thanks to Dad’s influence (LOL).

Last November 10, I was invited by Vobbe (part owner) to his coffee shop. It was their first year anniversary and he was so thrilled that he got this place renovated in time for his birthday. I’m so honored that he considered me to blog about his place and I humbly obliged to do so!

OrangeTag Coffee First Anniversary



His coffee shop’s name is OrangeTag Coffee Brewery and it is located at 1120 Nueno Ave., Imus City just beside Mcdonald’s. It’s really easy to locate actually.

OrangeTag Coffee Map

OrangeTag Coffee Map

The whole coffee experience was really cool! I love the ambiance and the design of the place. You will definitely have to turn your eyes around to appreciate the decor, the design, the fixtures and even the ceiling! The ceiling is a work of art. I mean it’s like your sipping coffee in Europe or something (even though I never went to Europe!).

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The good thing about having the owner as your friend is that you get to interview him and get to know the inspiration behind the coffee shop. It was an honor actually to get him talk about the beginnings of how OrangeTag Coffee Brewery came to life. Vobbe also mentioned that he hand picked and designed the shop’s interior which is pretty cool! He was really hands on from design and operations and talking to him about his business lights him up like wild fire.


The Menu

So I ordered the Mocha Negrita, it’s their new drink. It was super good really yummy! I ordered nachos but I know it’s really weird with coffee, but who cares! I’m weird! LOL. I would love to try some of their food in the future but because I enjoyed the ambiance I really enjoyed my night.


OrangeTag Mocha Negrita

OrangeTag Mocha Negrita


Mocha Negrita with Nachos

The combination was weird but they’re both tasty!


The whole place was really relaxing, good for students even home based freelancers like me would love to hang out in coffee shops because of internet and good coffee (and I would like to emphasize on good internet connection!).

OrangeTag Coffeee Artistic Ceiling

Artistic Ceiling



OrangeTag White Seats

The white sofas are so elegant to look at while the clock is definitely a conversation starter.


OrangeTag Coffee Brewery has a very homey feeling. This is really important for me especially that you feel that you’re welcomed as you enter the door. Customer service is also good! I mean they’re really pleasant and have good rapport with their customers.

OrangeTag Crew with Vobbe

OrangeTag Crew with Me & Vobbe


OrangeTag Coffee Brew

More Photos of the Crew

My Verdict


Food / Beverage  My Happy Hub Review 5 Stars

I really love their coffee hand crafted with care and it’s really yummy 🙂 But I will definitely be back to check their menu and try all of them!

Ambiance / Store My Happy Hub Review 5 Stars

If I can rate more than five stars I’ll do it! The place was really thought through and is really consistent to it’s design vision.

Customer Service My Happy Hub Review 5 Stars

I experienced good customer service and I have read reviews that the staff of OrangeTag Coffee are really nice and kind. So five stars for you!!


I would still love to try out most of their coffee but with what I have seen and experienced with OrangeTag Coffee Brewery, this place is worth going!


Don’t forget to follow them on their facebook page!


Photo Credits: OrangeTag Coffee Brewery


’til my next food adventure!

Stay Full & Happy! 🙂



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