How to maintain a clear perspective of things?

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How to maintain a clear perspective of things-

It has been a long time, yes a very long time that I have written a new blog or done something that really boosts my creativity. I have been drowned with school and a lot of distractions that made feel unproductive. Well I still have other work but you know, I missed writing. I missed doing the stuff that I do before and now my mind is cluttered and overwhelmed of a lot of things, such as distractions.

I have a lot of things that I want to do and I barely keep up with things and I need a new perspective. A boost of motivation and a lot of focus. I just wished that I have like 2 or 3 of me to do the things I want to do and that’s not even possible.

Because of all the things that I wanted to do, often times I lose focus of what’s really important and I get to mix everything up which results to chaos and most of the time, dreadful encounters.

So how can you manage yourself and have a clear perspective of what’s important in your life?


Write down everything and I mean EVERYTHING!

Most of the times what we do is we write down unfinished tasks so at the end of the day we are just left with a bunch of things you want to do. So when I said everything it can be simple random thoughts like, calling a friend, or doing the dishes. These are your thoughts that can paralyze or even lose your focus from. Below are the sample things you can write down on your notebook to have a clear perspective:

  • unfinished tasks
  • trips you want to take
  • people with whom you should touch base
  • skills you want to develop
  • subjects you want to learn
  • areas of your life in which you feel inadequate (such as your physical appearance, your knowledge, or your skills)
  • regrets about past choices
  • daydreams about what you would do differently if you could re-wind the clock and start over again
  • ways you feel trapped in your life
  • interpersonal conflict issues
  • home repair issues
  • home renovation ideas
  • things you’re dissatisfied with and want to change
  • goals other people want you to pursue
  • worries about the economy
  • worries about loved ones
  • habits you want to establish or break
  • and pretty much anything else that has come to mind at some point over the last few days


Use the clear mind procedure

  1. Write down everything that’s on your mind on one piece of paper (use more than one piece if you need).
  2. Create three columns on a second piece of paper, and label them: To Be Done; Maybe Later; and Delete. Sort all the items on the first piece of paper into the three columns on the second piece of paper.
  3. Take each item from the Delete column, send it off into space, and tell it never to return (with a corny little ceremony if that helps).
  4. Take the items from the Maybe Later column and put them on a Maybe Later list. (If you don’t keep one, start one).
  5. Take the items from the To Be Done column and put them into your planning system. (If you don’t have a planning system, get one).


Focus on what you can do TODAY

Oftentimes I find myself lost on overwhelming task that makes me pressed for time and also a little bit off the weather. So in order get yourself a clear perspective of things, try and look at what you can do today. Focus on those things you need to do today and complete them. That’s the only way so you can finish and move on to the next task.


Acknowledge that you are your own person

To maintain a healthy perspective, you should always remember that you are you. You, and no one else, is responsible for your own actions and reactions. Think about what YOU want to achieve out of life, and not what someone expects you to do.


I would love to hear your thoughts on how you keep a clear perspective of things in your life. Just comment below and I would definitely respond back. 🙂


As always, BE HAPPY! and FOCUSED 🙂


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  • atari

    this is something relevant especially these days people have lot on their plates. it’s a good thing you have focus so you get to accomplish something at a given time. also, take into consideration the priority levels so you don’t miss anything that is of value to you. great insights you got there Ms. Yvonne. it’s about time you get back to your passion despite your busy life’s schedule. Cheers!

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