7 Incredible Tips to Stay Motivated at Work

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7 Incredible Tips to Stay Motivated at Work

“Why do I need to stay motivated?”

To be  motivated one must be able to understand why you need to be motivated in the first place. To answer the question, you need stay motivated because it drives you to what you want to accomplish at work or in life. It’s really hard to do something or complete a specific job or work without motivation to keep you going. There is a “why” in everything you do at work and even in life. You need to question yourself “Why am I doing this?” “What can I get from it?” etc. It’s a matter of understanding your purpose why you’re doing it and it becomes your driving force – your motivation.

“What can I do to stay motivated?”

In fact, there are a lot of resources out there about motivation. You can just search about it and you can easily read any article or blog available.

So what makes my blog different?

I guess what I can give you are practical tips you need to stay motivated all the time. Motivation isn’t something you can learn overnight. It isn’t also something you can have all the time. Even great coaches have their moments and that’s okay.

I want you to understand that we are only humans. We can only do so much but we learn and adapt.

So without further ado, here are my 7 incredible tips to stay motivated at work

1. Take the first 30 mins of your day to do something for yourself

It is said that if you take care of your self first you get a moment of satisfaction and you get motivated to do your work.

2. Arrange a 10 minute break after an hour of work

Breaks are necessary especially if you’re working in a fast paced working environment. You need to give yourself the opportunity to breathe and get that down time even just for 10 mins.

3. Don’t over complicate things in the workplace

There are times that you have lots of things to do and it’s normal to get overwhelmed about it.  But, you don’t need to stress so much about it. If you complicate things, you get stress and eventually loss motivation to work on it’s completion. Remember to ask for help when you have a lot of things to do and ask your boss for advice.

4. If you mess up, own it and do it right the next time

People thought that it’s the end of the world once they mess up. As I’ve said earlier, we are just human beings. We make mistakes but we learn from it. It’s okay, but learn to accept that and move on. People loss their motivation to move on and complete a certain task because of the fear of making mistakes. Remember without mistakes you can’t learn.

5. Understand the significance of your work

Most of us thought of working as something we need to do to earn money. You will definitely get demotivated and eventually run out of drive to do it. Understand why you’re working on a particular project and if you need to write down the reasons by all means do it.

6. Ask for feedback

Getting feedback is a good way to get motivation. It’s a simple action to help boost your ego and to also further understand the importance of task at hand. Getting feedback could also help you see the difference on the work that you’re doing.

7. Celebrate Accomplishments

Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments. Rewards and recognition in the office boosts morale and motivation in the work place. In your case, you can reward or celebrate just by doing something that you love or something that could help relax you after all the work done.


What are the other things you do to stay motivated? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

As Always Stay Happy! 🙂

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